Yolt Dagis

Yolt Dagis, better known as the Scavvy King, is the ruler of Crater City - heart of civilization in the Wound. Yolt has struck up a tenuous peace with the wizards of Peria. He trades with the scavengers from the wastes, and in turn the wizards trade with him. And tolerate the existence of his den of thieves, outcasts, and bandits only a few days from their borders.


Even in his middle years Yolt is a dashingly handsome man. He wears his hair, now streaked with silver, relatively short, and a close beard and fine moustache are all kept carefully trimmed. His volcanically intense brown eyes are framed by elegant, expressive brows. His features are well proportioned, and his skin is tan, without being ruddy or leathery. He adorns himself in fine, but not ostentatious attire, and the long, clean lines of his limbs and dangerous surety of his gait belie his advancing years. Yolt's pleasing baritone and courtly manners are refreshing to the often crude denizens of the Wound, but most know, at least by reputation, that his mouth will spill banal pleasantries even while his knife spills your gut. The welcoming smile of a serpent greets friend and foe alike, but without coin that welcome wears thin quickly.


Yolt is not called the Scavvy King out of vanity. Not solely out of vanity anyway. He is one of the most successful scavengers in the Wound, and though he has retired to a more administrative position this has only enhanced the amount of scavenged goods moving through his strongrooms. A shrewd and cunning man, in matters of business or adventures of salvage, Yolt survived dozens of partners with whom he delved the ruins of the Wound, and he will gladly tell anyone who asks that this is for one reason: caution. Where many scavengers brave terrible magic and awful creatures in subterranean ruins, Yolt prefers to hire men to excavate, collapsing select chambers and their traps and denizens, and reaching the choice treasures they guard. When a chamber might have a tripwire, or trigger stones, Yolt has engineers who can build him a long handled trolley to safely trip them. Minimize risk, maximize reward has always been the cunning Scavvy King's philosophy. And when another, rasher scavenger reached the ruin before he could mobilize his team, well all the better, because then all he had to do was wait for them at their camp outside. Yolt is even good enough to leave his unknowing assistants a couple of coins - though usually on their eyes. Now an aristocrat of sorts, Yolt has been forced to become more respectable, but those who have sold him goods swear he's a bigger thief since becoming a legitimate businessman than he ever was.


Yolt Dagis was the son of a spy. His father was a Mulhiradi assassin, and his mother was the Perian noblewoman he was sent to kill. Fearing both their governments would kill them for their tryst, the pair fled to the Wound, and their love-child Yolt was born in the dusty barrens somewhere near Badwell. where his parents would settle. Raised in abject poverty, seeing the scavengers come through town with full purses and stories of wondrous adventure in perilous ruins, Yolt determined in his twelfth year to leave home and take up with a band of scavvies. Within the year they were all dead, but Yolt had learned a valuable lesson from their rash mistakes: heroism doesn't pay.

For a few years he made a modest living going from town to town as a street thief, but in his travels he amassed a small nest egg and as many rumours as he possibly could. Then, at eighteen, he assembled his own crew and went out scavenging. Targeting known ruins thought to be cleared, he found small items and then travelled weeks out of his way to get the best [rice. And it was in price hunting that he made another discovery - scavenging to order. The servants of Perian Wizards came to the scavvy towns of the Wound with very particular wants, and instead of seeking a buyer for what he had, Yolt determined to seek goods for a specific buyer. He paid well for any reconnaissance other scavvy bands gathered, and with a wealth of information and a knowledge of what was of value, whether it looked it or not, Yolt was able to become one of the most successful and in demand scavengers in the entire Wound by his twenty-third birthday.

After that the next decade brought a stunning career that saw many of his original band die, and several bands thereafter, but Yolt always prevailed, and always delivered. He was a businessman - if a job was too dangerous he hired someone else. If they succeeded he paid them handsomely, if they failed he took his own band and picked up where they left off, the job half done for him at no expense. Usually his ex-hirelings also had a few choice items worth taking too.

But after a decade of success Yolt was tired of risking his own neck. Taking his fortune and his now valuable and powerful Perian contacts, he relocated to Cratertown, and built himself a veritable scavenged palace from which he traded, ruthlessly, with other scavvy bands, and extracted promises of exclusivity from his wizard clients in return for moderate, and above all standardized prices. In a short time not only had he turned scavenging from a wild and dangerous profession of desperate men into the basis of an economy, he had also brought coin and goods enough into Cratertown for it to be renamed Crater City - first city of the wastes.


Yolt's operation in Crater City is an extensive one. Her surrounds himself with capable men, both to guard his goods and person, and also to take care of anyone who looks like they might be trying to compete with him, and duplicate his business model. Part legitimate trader, part criminal overlord, part pillar of the community, Yolt has embraced the fact that one can't be a criminal in a land without law, and indeed moderate generosity and a pleasant demeanour almost make him a paragon in the cut-throat ruthlessness of the Wound. Sitting on the town council of Crater City, Yolt has made his share of allies and opponents, and many see him as the true ruler of the city. Perhaps one day he'll get around to formalizing the situation. In the eyes of the people his greatest opponent is the bullywug Tode, who enforces a loose sort of law in the city, but in truth the two have seldom crossed, and those of Yolt's agents Tode has put in the ground have been destined for the same fate at the Scavvy King's hand. The newcomer Morbil has the King's interest piqued at present, though the council steadfastly refuses to grant him residency, Yolt feels he might be able to change this in return for the right service. Meanwhile Yolt's most useful agent in the city is, without a doubt, the Koalinth publican Kashak, whose seedy establishment serves as the perfect place the recruit the scavvies he needs, and to gather information of all kinds.


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