A trainee of Peria's famous order of judges and law enforcers, the Seekers, Xarin Varendih is a young wizard on a quest for justice that will take him deep into the raw earth of the Wound… and who knows how far beyond.


Of average height and slight build, Xarin has rusty red hair and tan skin hinting at mixed parentage. His eyes are as cool, grey and sharp as cloud agate, and hint at a strong will and determined mind. His features are almost excessively plain and bland, making him unmemorable to most. His expressions are muted and he never seems to overreact to anything, and some of his fellow trainees called him 'laconic as a duergar'. For his journey into the Wound, he wears a deep crimson tunic with a white hem, and a hooded beige robe.


Xarin is intelligent, resolute, meticulous and quite personable. His magical specialisation is a manifestation of his quiet and measured curiousity; he seeks the truth of things, but does not go blundering recklessly after knowledge at all costs.


The Varendih family are a house of merchants, magewrights and factors from the city of Hildaco in Peria. Comfortably upper-middle class, they made their fortune designing, enchanting and recharging the magical streetlights of the city. Xarin's logical and patient mind was detected during the standard aptitude exams well-off Perians can apply for, and it was judged he had the makings of a trainee Seeker. Xarin was quietly proud of being given the chance to serve his nation, and was shipped off the Citadel of Moral Measures to begin the study of the law, the philosophy of truth and justice, and the magics of divination.

Barely had he completed his apprenticeship, and he was still several years from qualifying as a Seeker when the High Verifier Marne Selgar called for him. Selgar told Xarin of a dangerous criminal - a conjuror who had summoned and unleashed numerous abominations while raiding the Banevault, a great repository of magical spells and relics considered too dangerous to harness. This rogue wizard, Nyrene Hellcaller, had stolen a map to something precious and deadly from the Banevault and fled beyond Peria's borders into the Wound. Selgar intended to send Xarin after the thief, to apprehend her and to bring back the stolen map before she could find her objective. Only one Seeker trainee would be sent, along with a bodyguard; the Seekers did not wish to alert Peria's enemies of the power of Nyrene's goal and risk scavengers and Coalition agents descending on it en mass. Prepared with the gold, equipment and spells allowed to him by the Citadel, Xarin set off towards the frontier, and the wild Crater City, as close to a capital of the Wound as one could find and perhaps the best place to seek Nyrene's trail.


Xarin knows he must assembling allies in his mission to hunt down the renegade summoner Nyrene Hellcaller; at the very least, he needs someone versed in the local culture to trace rumours and a guide and tracker for the wilderness. Fortunately, he already has a grudging guardian to keep him out of physical danger in the form of Taraza, his hulking servator bodyguard.


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