The city-states of Venedoza are a loose alliance of powerful merchant-houses whose Doges come together as a single dispirit realm, and who keep gold flowing through this prosperous land with trade over the sea with all of the great nations of Manus, save the forsaken land of Peria, and over land with the duregar, whose halls lie under the mountains that form the mainland of Venedoza, and to the south in the Dorondo. Venedozans are a cunning, proud people with an ancient history and proud culture, and while they consider the Mulhiradi friends, they can't help but picture them as uncultured desert barbarians.

The Land

Dominated by the highest section of the Dorondo Mountains, Venedozan civilization is focused along the rugged, rocky coast, while inland the nation just rises and rises and rises into jagged, snow-capped peaks where only dwarves tread. The west is practically impassable during the winter months to any but the duregar and derro, and the Venedozans prefer to stick to the sea, even though sunken reefs and shoals make it a hazardous practice, demanding skill and extensive knowledge. Their cities are often built on terraces leading up a mountain side, overlooking some stark, rocky harbour or another. And where the land isn't rocky it is blanketed by alpine forest. It is only in the far east where the land becomes even a little flat, and here in the eastern hills the land is still steep, and the soil rocky and uninviting. Crops here are common enough, but have to be hardy, and demand a lot more work than those of northern Mulhirad or Alohand.






The People


Peoples and Culture


The Cock


The cock is an important and prestigious symbol for the peoples of Venedoza - it is the emblem of the kingdom. Some might consider this an oxymoron when one considers that Venedoza has never been united under a monarch, or even as a single nation, but the sense of kingdom and nationhood embodied by the cock emblem is the closest that the fractious doges get to kingdom. And thus the cock is the symbol of an absent, largely theoretical king that binds together the various noble houses of Venedoza. It invokes the most courageous, valorous and noble of sentiments, and those few lucky enough to carry it demand the utmost respect wherever they travel, regardless of their allegiances or land of origin.




Venedoza is a melange of political and cultural elements rather than a unified state.





Government: Independent city-states, each dictatorially ruled by wealthy merchant houses.
Predominant Religions: Pillars of Zalhoon.
Major Industry: Shipbuilding, herding, tanning, leatherwork, winemaking, mining the mountains (silver, copper, tin, coal), weapon and armour smithing, seagoing trade.
Usual Climate: Warm and clement, but prone to violent storms.
Predominant Terrains: Predominantly mountainous, with dense forests in the east.
Predominant Language: Vendozan and Mulhandi.

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