The bullywug Tode came to Crater City some thirteen years ago. He won't speak of his past, and none who knew him before his arrival have surfaced, but when he arrived the settlement was plagued by bandit raids and rogue servator attacks. Since Tode took command of the garrison and began reinforcing the city walls the population of Crater City has near doubled, and those looking to make their homes in the city must actively be turned away. Many say it is Tode, and not Yolt, who made Cratertown into Crater City.


Tall for a bullywug, Tode stands eye to eye with the men of Crater City - perhaps the straightness of his back is due to pride, or perhaps it is a sign of the ill fit of his ever-present plate armour, wherever the cause it makes him seem larger than those others of his ilk who pass through Crater City on their way to seek employment in Peria. Tode is also darker than the rest of his kin, being closer to an olive green than the rich forest greens of the bullywug of the salt marshes. He has orange markings down the back of his head and his back, with black spots, and his bulbous eyes are a rich golden colour. Several scars criss-cross Tode's face - testament to harder times as a warrior - and his limbs are sinewy and powerful. He speaks Peri with a Mulhandi accent, and Mulhandi flawlessly, leading many to speculate that he comes from a bullywug colony somewhere south of the mountains of Venedoza rather than from the local stock, though Tode can't be persuaded to make any comment about the rumour. His armour is always polished, and his weapons oiled, sharpened and clean, especially his prized rendbow. The mechanism of the imposing armament is checked and rechecked daily as he keeps his watch above the gates, and most of the wives of Crater City wish that their husbands showed them even half the love and attention Tode lavishes on his weapon of choice.


Noble, hard working and respectable, Tode is easily Crater City's most upstanding and honest citizen. As a result he sits on the town council, and has become a sort of impromptu sheriff to the settlement. Tode understands that Crater City is a den of outcasts and misfits, and he is not a tyrant pushing the letter of the law into everyone's faces - instead he keeps a close eye on the town from his traditional position atop the gates, and makes sure no one hurts their neighbours, or takes anything too valuable. He has adopted a mostly hands off approach to enforcing the law (or what laws there are) by making it clear that he sees what's going on, and he's willing to intercede on behalf of anyone who can't defend themselves. Otherwise he sees his primary duty as keeping undesirables out rather than beating the undesirables who are already in into line. A volunteer constabulary, good men and women who respect Tode, have formed around the bullywug, and he is careful to use his small force thoughtfully.

However what is most striking about Tode is his devotion to, and extensive knowledge of, siege warfare. Tode turned crater city into the most defensible part of the Wound in a matter of three years, using only junk scavenged from ruins and the structures that already ringed the great crater. In fact he is responsible for the current position of Crater City as the hub of the Wound. Between his walls, that have both made the city safe and limited its size, and the trade that the Scavvy King brings through the gates that makes the settlement rich enough to bring goods in from Peria, Tode has put Crater City on the maps. A feat totally unheard of for settlements in the Wound.


Tode won't speak of anything before he came to Crater City, then Cratertown, thirteen years ago. Then he was battered, clearly hurt in his trek through the wilds of the Wound. Welcomed by Dagis and Loorina, eldest members of the Cratertown community, Tode was given food, lodging and care until his injuries healed. When he was able to get around again Tode, thankful for the aid of the citizens of the town, began helping with the day to day chores of the town. When word of a verbeeg band reached the town, it was Tode who began building walls between the buildings at the rim of the crater, replacing the crude palisades of the townfolk with a deep moat and strong if ramshackle looking walls. When the verbeeg came it was Tode's great rendbow that cut both legs clearly off their leader as he issued his demands to the townsfolk, and since then Tode simply stayed, and kept building. And building. And building.

As the town grew, and Yolt came and set up his organization, it became clear that the ad hoc governance of the town by consensus of its citizens was no longer going to do, and so when the town council was formed Tode's was one of the first names put forward. He was duly selected, and subsequently has only attended two of their monthly meetings in the eleven years the council has existed. Now, as ever, Tode is a fixture atop the heavy city gates. His home is the first building a traveller sees upon entering the city, and his handiwork has kept the people of Crater City safe from roving banditry for over a decade. His definite but loose-reigned enforcement of the peace, rather than the law, has earned him much respect, and even the most imposing of citizens know not to cross the man responsible for their safety. And the safety of their homes while they're away.


Well liked around Crater City, at least by its more respectable citizens, Tode has not earned the ire of outsiders because, despite being a member, he does not attend town council meetings, and thus has never been associated with the decision to turn away new citizens. Of course, when those turned away come back looking for trouble they have to cross Tode, but most of them don't survive to call him an enemy. But his relative popularity has put him somewhat at odds with the Scavvy King.


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