The Servators of Peria, called the 'enhanced' in circles where the idea of slavery is distasteful, are not really a true race - rather they are a creation that is both macabre and pragmatic, unique to the mentality of the folk of Peria. While simple zombies are used for base labour, the Mortifactor of Peria despaired that bodies went to waste because they could not match the intelligence of the far more valuable and intricate golems. That is until they struck upon the idea of making undead servants with minds. Thus servators were born. Criminals condemned to death for their crimes have their spirits trapped in the instant of their execution, while their bodies are reshaped to suit a new task. Then their spirits are restored to undead flesh, to create undead as easy to command and compel as zombies, but with the intelligence of a man. What's more, vicious criminals are given a chance to atone for their crimes by being useful to the community. As servators become more accepted Mortifactor begin to really become experimental, grafting new limbs from alien creatures onto their twisted forms, and building completely artificial parts, making bizarre man-golem amalgams.

Self-Name: Servator (singular), Servators (plural), Servator (attributive)
Stereotypes: Mindless, Shambolic, Hideous, Slaves.
Alignment: Neutral


Servators are reshaped into many and varied forms, each was once human, or occasionally of another race, but what made his original race unique is all but lost. Though some part, be it the head, arms, legs, torso, or merely organs suspended in bio-alchemic solutions, there will always be a part of the creature that once was at the core of the servator, but the rest has been reshaped into a horrific amalgam of man and golem. Though brass and iron are the more common materials for a servator, examples of stone, clay, wood, or even glass. Though usually humanoid - it is easier for a living thing to transition into a shape similar to its own - many servators will display extra limbs, arms ending in tools, wheels, and all manner of bizarre arcane contraptions that tailor them with perverse ingenuity to the task for which they were designed.

While many say no two servators are quite the same - each displaying the unique genius of the Mortifactor who made them - but this is not quite true. Many designs are tried and true, and many servators are created in batches, forming bizarre extended families each repurposed at the same time to the same task, and of the same materials. Every servator can trace idiosyncrasies in their design and enchantment to recognize another creation their own Mortifactor.


Waking up in a completely new body, dismembered and transplanted in an unfeeling shell of a hard, uncaring golem, broke the minds of the early servators. The records hold that many simply screamed until the magics that animated them finally dissipated and they slipped into the second death. That is why now part of the creation of a servator sees it dulled. Made to feel emotions less intensely than in life, or ideally not at all. The memory is dimmed. The servator's past life is remembered only rudimentarily, like an anecdote told by a third party, though they remember the details of the crime that earned them the first death vividly. They are made to forget their names, and any skill that once that had that does not serve their new role, and the skills for which they are built must still be learned. But the Mortifactor's art is not a perfect one, and many servators are haunted by shadowy memories that feel almost like someone else's, and moments of passion all the more manic for their rarity.



Servators are, by nature, expected to work and live largely amongst other servators, and thus there is a sort of society amongst them - though for the most part it exists only as an addendum to Perian society as whole. Occupying the bottom strata of society, they do the menial or dangerous or unpleasant jobs. Thanks to their generally criminal past they can never rise above servitude, though the price they have paid is thought to recompense even the most hideous crime. They are mostly left in their vast warehouses hidden within the great mage-cities, to toil away under the guidance of their Overseer. Servators recognize a family, of sorts, with the other creations of the same Mortifactor, since they have been made to forget all of those they cared for in life. But they seldom grow truly close, thanks to their ensorcelled dulling.

However some servators care just enough to flee the bonds of many lifetimes' servitude. These escape into the Wound, and alongside occasional mongrelmen, they gather together as free constructs. The servators, for their part, want nothing more than to remember what it was to laugh or cry, or the faces of their loved ones. Some seek to atone for the crimes they cannot forget with a noble death. Others know nothing beyond those crimes, and return to them without thought or feeling.

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