The night watch dozes and ship planks creak as shark-kin pirates haul their dripping bodies aboard, spears and teeth gleaming in the moonlight. Fish and pearls and oils are rowed into the docks each morning, unloaded by tattooed sea devils with muscles like rough-hewn stone. In a sea cave black eyes glint as the misshapen abominations wait for nightfall to slip out and feed. When the invader known only as the Deep One sunk into the deepest, darkest trench in the ocean rather than retracting into the rift of the the skies the savage and cruel Sahuagin embraced it as their god, and in so doing became some of the most reviled creature on Manus.

You cannot stop moving forward. If you stop, you die.

Self-Name: Sahuagin (singular), Sahuigin (plural), Sahuag (attributive)
Stereotypes: Terrible, Cruel, Warlike, Evil, Domineering

Devils of the Western Sea

Along coastal waters, inland seas, and vast archipelagos, the sharklike sahuagin are figures of caution at best. Those who come in peace are hunter-merchants or deadly privateers, while less friendly sahuagin are nightmarish raiders who break the surf on foggy nights or bloated monstrosities that haunt coastal waters and drag in unsuspecting victims when the moon wanes.

Many ports strike profitable alliances with the sea devils, accepting the inevitable violence at drinking halls or crowded docks as the price of business and safety. The sahuagin themselves dismiss mere complaints.

Armed to the Teeth

Piscine humanoids whose rough skin ranges between green and gray, sahuagin have broad forearms and powerful upper bodies with little fat. Typical sahuagin are blackish green on their backs, shading to green on their bellies, with black fins. Their great, staring eyes are deep, shining black. They have scaly skin, with webbed fingers and toes, and their mouths are filled with sharp fangs. A dorsal fin sprouts from their head or back, and a powerful, finned tail swings behind.

The shark-kin are oddly prone to mutation, from armoured or rubbery skin to extra limbs, fins, and organs. One sahuagin snout might resemble a shark's head, while its brother's face could be flatter, almost human in structure. Sahuagin distinguish sex by scent, but females have sharp patterns and a rougher hide. Hatchlings are a light green color, but they darken and attain full growth approximately one to two months after hatching. A mature sea devil continues to slowly grow its entire life, and might someday exceed 9 feet.

Being naturally powerful creatures, the sea devils stand on land with ease and have strength to fight an this alien realm as well. In the sea this strength is extremely pronounced, allowing them to thrust, parry and throw their weapons with surprising force and accuracy. The muscular tail is fully capable of propelling them every bit as fast as sharks and is even capable of launching them clear into the air. The much feared blood frenzy of the sahuagin has often been likened to a berserker rage and to a certain extent this is true. When the frenzy comes upon a sahuagin it is virtually impossible for it to stop fighting until all its foes are dead. This rage can occur only once in a given day, due to the enormous mental and physical strain it puts on the body. It is often supposed that the frenzy is greatest when sahuagin blood in in the water an, much like sharks who share this kind of berserker behaviour, it is when they smell their own kind's blood they lose control.

Feeding Frenzy

Sahuagin are vicious and merciless killers who love to make the ocean run red with blood. This persona is rooted in nearly every aspect of their Spartan-like society. Mating rituals are violent and occasionally deadly, and once the young sahuagin are born they are often pitted against each other in death matches to prove their worth. This practice has also served to winnow their ranks in times of overpopulation, which are common due the high rate of multiple births. Sahuagin history is far from pretty; they exist in a near-constant state of war with other creatures, but in many cases their conflicts against land-based opponents go completely in the sahuagins’ favour due to the advantage of mobility and surprise. Most of what other creatures would consider war, however, is mere child’s play to the sahuagin; even long and bloody conflicts with the koalinth have done little to temper their natural bloodlust.

The sahuagin are driven by a firm sense of purpose. Tribes are divided into castes, assigned by augury or merit, and it is the duty of each sahuagin to be an exemplar of that role. A sahuagin's mutations are living proof of it purpose, direct tweaks from the divine Deep One. To deny destiny is repulsive, and contrary feelings – whether boredom, doubt, or compassion – are thought of as base animal urges. The sahuagin keep such things shameful and private.

Fish Out of Water

A variety of sahuagin range beyond the coastal regions of Manus and into the Wound, from well-armed privateers to fate-scorned exiles and sorcerous mutants. All, however, believe that destiny called them to adventure. When they do travel on land the shark-folk have one distinct problem - they cannot survive for more than a few hours out of salt water, therefore most are forced to encase their entire heads in ensorcelled cowls that keep a fresh supply of sea water for them to breathe. Some eschew these for a mere mask covering the lower part of the face and gills. In both cases this makes it very difficult for sahuagin to speak and many resort to complex hand gestures to communicate with one another.

Sahuagin Re-Breather: Any sahuagin character not able to breathe out of water (i.e. not a Kuatoa) needs to wear a sahuagin re-breather at all times. Without it he can only survive a number of minutes equal to his Constitution score out of water. Re-breathers are described in detail in the Gear section of this wiki. A sahuagin PC is assumed to have a standard re-breather free of charge when he is created, but can further upgrade this to mitigate some of its inherent disadvantages.

The Kuatoa Look

Sahuagin who live in coastal areas, spending much of their time on land or in coastal caves, differ considerably from their ocean-dwelling counterparts, and as little as three generations in this environment is enough to illicit this dramatic change. Their skin begins to sag, and their limbs bloat. A typical specimen looks much like a human body, albeit a paunchy one, covered in scales and topped with a fish's head. The huge fish eyes tend to swivel in different directions when observing an area or creature. The hands and feet are very long, with four fingers and an opposing digit, partially webbed. The legs and arms are short for the body size. Its colouration is pale green-grey, with undertones of tan or yellow in males. The skin has a sheen from its slimy covering. The colour darkens when the sahuagin is closing on its blood-rage and pales when it is badly frightened.

Known as Kuatoa these sahuagin are far less aggressive than their oceanic counterparts. Something about being out of the habitat of which they are master makes them cautious and given to stealth and subterfuge even if they remain largely predatory. Hiding in caves or in coastal shoals they emerge under the cover of night and often disguise themselves under heavy cloaks, scarves or other clothing so as to pass as human at a glance. Because they do not require the breathing apparatus that true sahuagin do on land they can stay ashore for long periods, perhaps even indefinitely. Occasionally kuatoa will gradually replace the population of an entire isolated town until only their kind remain in the homes built by humans or koalinth.

Sahuagin Names

As with many races, sahuagin names are split between feminine and masculine, though this reflects the shark-kin's role rather than its sex. Tribe names usually sound similar to those surface-dweller give to ships, a mixture of convenient translation and cultural cross-contamination. Sahuagin make sure they know the name of any group they join, for a sahuagin's name reflects their current tribe or affiliation, not the family that birthed them. A sea devil named Kaipeno, acting for the Seven Suns Trading Coster, would call himself "Kaipeno Seven Suns".

Tribe Names:

Sahuagin Traits

Splinter Race Feats: Tide-Lurker (kuatoa), Sahuagin Mutation (Deepchild, Elfskin, Fourarm etc.). Unless you choose one of these you are 'shark-kin'.
Type: Medium biped folk with a Reach of 1. Your maximum wounds equal your Constitution score.

  • Attributes: +2 Strength, +1 Constitution or Wisdom
  • Base Speed: 30 ft., swim 60 ft.
  • Aquatic II: You can’t drown, and suffer no penalties when underwater (see page 217 of the Fantasy Craft Second Printing core rulebook). You need special apparatus to live on dry land.
  • Bloodthirsty: You may not attack more than one character in each round.
  • Dark Vision I: You ignore the effects of dim and faint light.
  • Fearless I: You gain a +4 bonus with Morale checks.
  • Gruelling Combatant: Each time an adjacent opponent attacks you and misses, he suffers 2 points of subdual damage.
  • Lumbering: When not under water you suffer a –2 penalty with all Reflex saves and become flanked any time two opponents are adjacent to you.
  • Natural Attack: You gain the Bite II natural attack (see page 235 of the Fantasy Craft Second Printing core rulebook). If you gain a natural attack from multiple sources, the attack’s grade becomes equal to the highest single grade + 1 per additional benefit granting the same attack, to a maximum of V (e.g. Bite IV, Bite III, and Bite I become Bite V).
  • Reviled: The Disposition of non-sahuagin decrease by 10.
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