The Sahuagin of the western oceans are truly terrible creatures. The invader known only as the Deep One crashed into the seas, and though the creature's servants were slain and scattered the malign invader itself crashed into the deepest, darkest trench in the ocean rather than retracting into the rift of the the skies. Here the savage and cruel sahuagin embraced it as their god.

Self-Name: Sahuagin (singular), Sahuigin (plural), Sahuag (attributive)
Stereotypes: Terrible, Cruel, Warlike, Evil, Domineering
Alignment: Any Evil


Sahuagin are a vicious, predatory race of fish-men that live in warm coastal waters. They are highly organized and greatly enjoy raiding shore communities for food and sport. Typical sahuagins are blackish green on their backs, shading to green on their bellies, with black fins. Their great, staring eyes are deep, shining black. They have scaly skin, with webbed fingers and toes, and their mouths are filled with sharp fangs. About one in two hundred sahuagin is a mutation, with four usable arms. These specimens are usually black shading to gray. Females are indistinguishable from males, except that they are slightly smaller. Hatchlings are a light green color, but they darken and attain full growth approximately one to two months after hatching.

Sahuagin who live in coastal areas, spending much of their time on land or in coastal caves, differ considerably from their ocean-dwelling counterparts, and as little as three months in their environment is enough to illicit this dramatic change. Their skin begins to sag, and their limbs bloat. A typical specimen looks much like a human body, albeit a paunchy one, covered in scales and topped with a fish's head. The huge fish eyes tend to swivel in different directions when observing an area or creature. The hands and feet are very long, with four fingers and an opposing digit, partially webbed. The legs and arms are short for the body size. Its colouration is pale green-grey, with undertones of tan or yellow in males. The skin has a sheen from its slimy covering. The colour darkens when the sahuagin is closing on its blood-rage and pales when it is badly frightened.

Being naturally powerful creatures, the sea devils stand on land with ease and have strength to fight an this alien realm as well. In the sea this strength is extremely pronounced, allowing them to thrust, parry and throw their weapons with surprising force and accuracy. The muscular tail is fully capable of propelling them every bit as fast as sharks and is even capable of launching them clear into the air. The much feared blood frenzy of the sahuagin has often been likened to a berserker rage and to a certain extent this is true. When the frenzy comes upon a sahuagin it is virtually impossible for it to stop fighting until all its foes are dead. This rage can occur only once in a given day, due to the enormous mental and physical strain it puts on the body. It is often supposed that the frenzy is greatest when sahuagin blood in in the water an, much like sharks who share this kind of berserker behavior, it is when they smell their own kind's blood they lose control.


Sahuagin are vicious and merciless killers who love to make the ocean run red with blood. This persona is rooted in nearly every aspect of their Spartan-like society. Mating rituals are violent and occasionally deadly, and once the young sahuagin are born they are often pitted against each other in death matches to prove their worth. This practice has also served to winnow their ranks in times of overpopulation, which are common due the high rate of multiple births. Sahuagin history is far from pretty; they exist in a near-constant state of war with other creatures, but in many cases their conflicts against land-based opponents go completely in the sahuagins’ favour due to the advantage of mobility and surprise. Most of what other creatures would consider war, however, is mere child’s play to the sahuagin; even long and bloody conflicts with the koalinth have done little to temper their natural bloodlust.


Sahuagin spawn as do fish, and hatchlings, or fingerlings as they call their young, are raised in pools until their amphibian qualities develop, about one year after hatching. The young, now a foot or so high, are then able to breathe air and they are raised in pens according to their sex and fitness. There are no families, as such, in sahuagin society. Sahuagin communities do not generally cooperate, though they have special places of worship in common. These places are usually for intergroup trade, councils, and worship of the Deep One, so they are open to all sahuagin. The ancient sahuagin once inhabited the shores and islands of the upper world, but as the race of mankind grew more numerous and powerful, these men-fish were slowly driven to remote regions. With the coming of the invaders, the sahuagin saw them almost as liberators - but when they offered their allegiances they were treated no differently than any of the other races of the world.

Some sahuagin sought refuge in sea caverns and secret subterranean waters, and while their fellows were being slaughtered, these few prospered and developed new powers to adapt to their lightless habitat. The seas contained other fierce and evil creatures, however, and the deep-dwelling sahuagin were eventually wiped out, leaving only those in the underworld to carry on, unnoticed and eventually forgotten by mankind. But the remaining sahuagin have not forgotten that the land might once again be theirs, nor their desire to replace the tyrants in the invaders' grace, and woe to any who fall into their slimy clutches. Now the sahuagin are haters of sunlight and are slide from the Stygian depths only ion the blackest night. This, and their inborn hatred of discipline, prevent the resurgence of these creatures, for they have become numerous once again and acquired new powers. However, they have also become somewhat unstable, possibly as a result of inbreeding, and insanity is common among the species.






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