Perian Wizards


Wands, staves and other wondrous items are essential to the running of Perian society, and so Shapers have become specialists at crafting these items, and getting the most out of them.


In a world where predicting the future is an established, moderately reliable, science, it cannot be ignored that those who can see into the future are invaluable tools in going forward in any venture. But a good diviner also knows that knowledge of one's future can corrupt the weave of destiny, changing it and invalidating the reading. Futurists are specialists in spells that read the future, but they are also specialists in how to limit and interpret the information gleaned from such readings, to make them as effective as possible.


Perians have becomes very pragmatic since they established that the gods were a falsehood. If there is no god, there is no spirit, and if there is no spirit then burying or burning the dead is squandering a valuable asset. Mortifactor handle the dead of Peria in a way that means their bodies do not go to waste. Low level Mortifactors specialize in the creation of the zombies that for the lowest level of menial labour for Perian society, while higher level Mortifactors create the reshaped servators that are the destiny of any serious criminals in Peria.


To a Perian, one of the greatest weapons is the ability to dispel magic. But, someone must have the authority, and someone must wield the power to unravel society should they so choose. Peria's elite police force are the Nullifiers. Men who can unmake magic, and render even the most powerful of wizards defenceless.


Beholders are the true power behind the Perian magocracy. Many wizards have only a single familiar, but some have made their careers harnessing a brood of these terrible creatures. An Overseer needs will of adamant to control his terrible charges, but the power he can unleash makes him unequalled by anything else on the face of Manus.


The judicial system of Peria is not so unreliable as it is in other lands. Magic means that a simple spell can prove the truth or deceit of a man's statement, and when this occurs he can be easily compelled by dweomercraft to revel the truth. Seekers are tasked with extracting justice, with absolute certainty, so that the terrible punishments of Peria are never inflicted upon the innocent.


Medicine is an inexact and dangerous science, while magic is near flawless in its ability to deal with disease and injury. Vivifactors are he healers of Peria. Wizards who heal with a word and a touch rather than with a knife and a table. The wonders of Peria would not be half so sweet were its people not assured their heath and wellbeing by the Vivifactors plying their trade in every city.

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