Manus is a long, thin continent in the northern hemisphere of its world, ranging from temperate, cool climes and mountain plateaus in the north around the North Wall to arid desert in the Parched Sea to the south. The desolate moorlands and ruins of the Wound leads south to the narrow, fertile isthmus of Alohand, the rugged coast of the coalition of Venedoza, and the semi-arid plains of the mighty Empire of Mulhirad and their Haradi nomad allies to the south. Derro skulk in cities built by the hands of their long-passed ancestors in the Dorondo and the North Wall, and the flotilla-nations of the Koalinth Reaver-Kings drift the seas of the west, harassing Venedozan merchants.

In the far north, between the Wound and the Wall, sits the jewel in the crown of Manus, or the rotting cancer at its heart, depending on who you talk to. Peria the Beautiful, Peria the Wondrous, Peria the Marvelous, Peria the Cursed, the land of magical wonders. In Peria magic rules, and defines all aspects of life. Massive carriages drawn by no beast move from city to city, healing magic is available to even the most common citizen, artisans work wondrous crafts with spells and enchanted apparatuses, and war is waged with wand and shield. The beholders that once served the invaders are now bent to the will of men, and the secrets that they brought with them to the world are solely Peria's to delve. The mighty Unseen Council meet in secret. Their elite and powerful number discuss the fate of the very world from day to day.

And at the heart of the world a buffer sits between the nations of the south, and the wonders of the north. A ruinous no mans land called the Wound, where the most savage battles were fought against the tyrants and their invader masters. A land that saw the end of a dozen races and at least twice that many civilizations. A land of hidden secrets, where existence is rough, danger waits at every turn, but so does great reward. A land where the last magical mysteries of the world lie buried in secret places and lost cities. Where the desperate, the outcast and the ambitious rub shoulders with the outlaw, the insurgent and the dictator.

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