Jak Cobalt

Jak, better known as Captain Cobalt, is a wanderer in the Wound, determined to seek his fortune and carve his own domain in the ruinous badlands at the heart of the world. Full of headstrong bravado, he may just manage it. After all, every legend starts somewhere, right?


Broad and strong-limbed, with a booming voice, knowing gaze and a roguish grin, there is something in Jak that inspires confidence. His stride is determined, and manful, and his tongue is always ready with a thunderous laugh or cutting jest. Twinkling eyes that speak of mischief on a darkly tanned face adorned with a near permanent smirk, few can fail to find a roguish charm, if not strictly any sort of beauty, in the Captain's outward appearance. Heavy layered leathers guard against the cold of the wound's nights, conceal pouches and bags and knick-knacks, but Jak's massive but battered two-handed sword needs no such concealment, strapped boldly on his back as if to tell the world he's a dangerous man - which of course he is.


A heavy drinker, a foul mouthed jester, and an insufferable rogue, there aren't many who'll tell you Jak's not a self-serving bastard. There are fewer who'll admit to disliking him. Not a natural leader by any stretch of the imagination, Jak's charm comes in his larger-than-life persona and the easy confidence that seems boundless. Never is Jak melancholic, or angry, or afraid…. or quiet. Energy and vigour and limitless good humour are what Captain Cobalt brings to the grim ruination of the wound. Of course, he's the kind of man who'd make a joke even as he cleaved off your head. But such is the vivacity with which he'd do it, that you might be tempted to forgive him.


Jak doesn't share much about his upbringing. A native of the Wound, from somewhere around Knifetown, and an orphan to boot, he must've been cared for by someone during his infancy, and some of his childhood, but he seems to have been utterly self-sufficient for the bulk of his life. And living in the Wound Jak realized something: this blasted realm is the land of opportunity, where any man can proclaim himself a king, and no one could tell him otherwise. So he did. That didn't go so well, but Jak took the laughter of his fellows with good humour, and set out to devote his life to proving them wrong. As far as Jak sees it all he needs is a castle, a few loyal subjects, a bit of coin, and perhaps a nice crown. And he's pretty certain most of these things can be found lying around the Wound if you look hard enough. And kill the odd nasty that's looking after them for you. Captain Cobalt's happy to totally devote the next few years of his life to getting together everything he needs. Except for the occasional week-long bender that is.


What's strange is that there's no shortage of other people who also seem to be willing to devote time, effort, and no small volume of their own life's blood to Jak's cause - namely to make himself a rich and powerful. Do they believe in him? Do they think that as his allies they'll gain favour and influence and wealth in his new city? Do they seek to usurp him at the cusp of success? Are they just really really bored? It's hard to know. Perhaps a little of each.


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