Once there were many races of Humans in Manus, but the toll taken upon them in the war against the invaders was a heavy one, and rather than dividing the race of man came together as one to reclaim their portions of the world. While nations have risen up and warred since, the racial differences between humans, except for the isolated desert nomads of the Parched Sea, are a thing of the past. Men are one race, divided by creed not blood.

Self-Name: Human (singular), Humans (plural), Human (attributive)
Stereotypes: Fractious, Impulsive, Power-Hungry, Diverse.
Alignment: Any Neutral


Humanity comes in all shapes and sizes. Thanks to the recovery of the human race after the invaders were defeated no region has a distinct racial stock, with any hair, eye, or skin colouration, and any build or height generally conceivable occurring from the northern reaches of Peria to the southern expanses of Mulhirad. Only the dark skinned Haradi nomads to the south remained isolated, with their dark skin, black eyes and jet heir. Other humans can only be recognized by their attire and the language they speak, or accent they speak with.

Humans have learned versatility in their time dominating the lands of Manus, and have proven themselves able to conquer a more diverse range of skills and abilities that the other remaining races. While the dwarves and koalinth might be the masters of their domains, be they mountain or sea, the humans have learned to spread into even the harshest lands, and not just survive there, but thrive.










Perian: Gwahlar, Hildaco, Sangara, Tombaku, Xuthil, Zamboulu.
Mulhandi: Ankenar, Ashkhalat, Darfar, Denizshan, Khori, Pashadaan, Rhamdan, Shaldizar, Shangarlar, Sumara, Sushan, Yanasali.
Venedozan: Blato, Castellazio, Catturo, Dalmata, Firola, Luerino, Oliveto, Pacchiana, San Giovanno, Talalagio, Zuccino.


Perian: Perians usually combine their names into a single name; Acacaius, Agapacostius, Ambriosias, Anaxagoras, Aristodemos, Asklepiades, Chrysanthios, Cleondamasos, Demetriacrati, Demosthenes, Diodotius, Dracoeirenaios, Euaristos, Eustachius, Gennadiohagne, Heraklediedes, Hippolytiara, Homarasthos, Isocrates, Kallikration, Kleonastres, Leonitius, Lysimachos, Nicanoralaus, Olympiodoros, Paramonon, Philoorchoris, Praxiteles, Roxiagoros, Telesophoris, Theocritis, Theodosius, Theophylaktos, Xanthippes, Zenoisimos.
Mulhandi: Male: Aali, Abbas, Abdul, Abu, Bahra, Bakr, Diya, Essa, Fadi, Faiz, Farouk, Fazl, Gafar, Ghalib, Hafiz, Hameed, Hisham, Ibrahim, Iqbal, Jaffar, Jamaal, Kamal, Khaleel, Lutfi, Malik, Makram, Mehmud, Naseer, Rafiq, Rasheed, Saif, Shadi, Shakil; Female: Aaliyah, Aisha, Asma, Basima, Dalal, Dima, Faiza, Farida, Gamila, Guda, Haifa, Hoodma, Isra, Jalila, Jumama, Laila, Lamia, Latifah, Maha, Muna, Nadira, Rafiqa, Rashida, Salma, Shula, Tasnim, Zaida.
Venedozan: Male: Adamo, Albano, Alfredo, Angelo, Benito, Carlo, Cipriano, Claudio, Dante, Dino, Ennio, Fabrizio, Fausto, Feliciano, Flavio, Giacomo, Giani, Leo, Liborio, Luca, Mario, Martino, Massimo, Nevio, Orlando, Pasquale, Raul, Renzo, Rodrego, Salvatore, Teo, Valentio, Vencenzo, Vito; Female: Ada, Adelaide, Alessia, Asia, Bendetta, Bianca, Calogera, Carla, Catriana, Celia, Cristina, Domitala, Elena, Emanuela, Eva, Fabia, Filippa, Gemma, Gia, Giovana, Isabella, Lara, Luisa, Maria, Marta, Oriana, Ovidia, Pierina, Pina, Raffaella, Roberta, Rolinda, Silvana, Sofia, Tatiana.

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