Grey Kashak

Grey Kashak the koalinth is a fixture in Crater City. He runs the public house Kashak's Place, the seediest dive in the settlement, and one that frequently offers a home to the undesirables that the town council won't grant residency to - but at a slightly increased price of course. Rough and course, Kashak usually tolerates whatever's going on in his taproom, with open eyes and ears, making him a prime source of information about the goings on of most of the wound, but if he's pushed Kashak makes no secret that he keeps a supply of slaying bolts for his massive crossbow that will put down troublemakers for good.


Nicknamed for the unusual cast of his skin, common to koalinth as they enter their twilight, 'Grey' Kashak is not of the monstrous stature and bulk that his people can grow to, but he is still powerful compared to a human or dwarf. His skin has a dry, cracked look to it as much a result of his advanced years as life spent away from the sea - his natural habitat. One of his fangs is broken, from some skirmish, and the hair on his pate is grey and thinning. Kashak's eyes might look old, and his squint looks like he is struggling to see, but in fact his senses are as sharp as they've ever been. Often he will ask patrons to repeat themselves, feigning failing hearing, but this is a cunning ploy to lower a patron's defences before his gut-scorching spirits do their work.


Kashak's not a prime example of any virtue, but he's no fool either, and he has become a master at making the most of what he has over a long life spent serving drink. Early on Kashak realized that while he and trhe crew he ran with were out terrorizing the seas and risking their lives, most of their ill gotten gains ended up in the pockets of a barman. So fairly young, he determined to cut out the middle man, and chose a life ashore brewing spirits. He also quickly learned that drunks were very forthcoming with information that the should probably keep to themselves. Kashak has exploited these two insights to the hilt, and he's not ashamed of it at all. Kashak knows he's no warrior, no great intellectual, and no fine speaker - but he also knows that when those three are blind drunk and he's not, the meagre nature of his skills don't matter.


Spending the early part of his life as a raider, Kashak quickly realized that all he gained vanished quickly on binges of drunkenness. Determining to cut the risk from his life, and increase his profits, he left the sea and started brewing lethalspirits and selling them to his former mates. However Kashak was never the most cunning of his kind, or the most subtle, and some of his kinsmen not only saw through his ploy, but violently resented it. After a few beatings and robberies, Kashak decided that staying by the sea wasn't going to work for him, so he trekked inland and set up a ramshackle stall in the part of Cratertown no one else wanted - right by the base of the crater. As the town grew, so did the little still, and open-air bar. Today Kashak's Place is the largest public house in Crater City. It is also the cheapest, roughest and dirtiest. And if it's worth knowing, it seems Kashak knows it.


Everyone on Crater City knows Kashak, and most don't like him. Still, he was granted residency, and no one likes the precedent that revoking residency creates. Worse still he's been there considerably longer than most of the residents, including half of the town council. Locals don't go to Kashak's Place, even Tode's volunteer guard stay out. Still, he practically keeps an unpleasant dwarven factor named Boltob in business enchanting bolts, and his business gathers information from drunks quicker than the Scavvy King's spies, so Yolt pays him a small retainer to pass on anything he thinks might be of interest. The newcomer Morbil has taken up permanent residence in one of Kashak's rooms - or rather in the corner of his taproom - Kashak has found his purse to be near bottomless thus far.


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