Eric is… an anomaly. He claims to be the last of a lost race, but no record of any race even remotely resembling the creature has ever been found. He also claims to be of ancient royal blood, descended from a line of kings that no histories make any mention of. He also claims to be a genius, and a lover of unsurpassed skill, the messiah of the faith of Zalhoon, the former ruler of Peria, the current ruler of Peria, a Dwarven Emperor, and a God imprisoned in mortal form, so many consider the claims of Eric to be somewhat dubious. But that goes nowhere toward explaining the truth. Most of the men and women of the Wound just accept that Eric is Eric, and try not to think any more on it.


Eric is best described as a mound of flesh and hair. His lower body is strikingly ursine, though he has an unreasonable number of clawed toes on each foot, bare knobbly knees, and no evidence of ever having walked on all fours is apparent. His upper body might be described as more humanoid, but in reality it is just putrid, greasy skin stretched over a seemingly haphazard amalgam of fatly bulging muscle, that seems to serve no purpose at all. Tiny arms end in clawed human hands, and a head, adorned with fleshy horns and a beard of semi-prehensile tentacles that he occasionally toys with, sprouts, not from the top of his trunk, but from somewhere in the middle of his chest. Goat-like ears, a flat, almost feline nose, and human mouth and eyes further confound any attempt to identify this fleshy nightmare. Some whisper his misshapen girth is down to his being so full of secrets.


Eric is unfathomable, capricious, and undoubtedly malevolent. His squinty eyes belie gleeful cruelty, and everything about his manner says that he knows something, something unpleasant, and he's waiting for it to unfold, and not telling another soul. In fact, one might be forgiven for thinking that Eric believes that reality is just a cruel joke that he's playing on the rest of the universe. However those of real power also quickly realize that Eric pretends to know a lot more than he does, and not a word that comes out of his mouth can be trusted. Of course, Eric is one of the most powerful wizards outside Peria, and even though he refuses to consort with tyrants, he is supremely confident in his powers, and his speciality is getting information.


No one knows quite where Eric came from. There is no record of him before the Invasion, but since the Invaders were driven away he has been in his tower, in the Wound. Eric, for his part, has never told the same story twice. One day he is the general of an army of beholders, the next he is a cursed fey prince, then the mightiest wizard known to Manus, and then a god trapped in mortal form, waiting to be released. Once he even claimed to have eaten a beholder. Whatever the story, it is always elaborate, and backed up by consistent and well-considered evidence. Eric's history becomes a little more certain in the years after the Invaders were driven off, when he was found at the heart of the wound, inhabiting an ugly lump of a tower whose construction and style belonged to no race. Eric began amassing a fortune by trading items from the Wound with passing explorers - in a sense he was the first of the Scavvies, but in a very real sense he was not, because he seems to have already had a vast stockpile of pre-invasion magic in his possession. From that day to this, the seemingly immortal Eric has been both scourge of the southern Wound, and backbone of its fledgeling economy. His plans and scheme as often make him a villain to the land as they do a patron, and more than one band of travellers have found themselves battling Eric's servants at one turn, and in his employ at the next. Thankfully Eric doesn't seem to hold grudges so long as things keep going his way in the long run. Still, more than one person who proved inflexible entered his tower and never returned.


Eric has dealings with anyone who is anyone in the Wound, but in Alohand to the south he is nothing short of an arch-demon, and crusaders set forth from that land to rid the world of him almost weekly. Of those that make it through the dangers of the Wound a goodly number end up working for him. Eric has a way of making his case, of getting into people's heads, and of putting forward a proposal at exactly the right moment that makes him hard to refuse. And by the time a would-be slayer of evil does refuse his offer, if they do, Eric has had more than enough time to weave subtle magics that will destroy his new found foe nearly instantly. Or his guards have had time enough to surround him. Eric keeps spies and assassins in his constant employ, and knows all that goes on within a hundred miles of his tower - after all, information is his business… today at least.


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