Crater City

Crater City, known until perhaps a decade ago as Cratertown, is the biggest settlement in the Wound, and the only one even nearing worthiness of the name city. Long ago during the invasion, a star fell from the sky into the heart of one of the cities of the forgotten people who dwelt in the northern Wound, creating a deep crater. After the invaders were driven off people came to shelter her from the dust storms, and so that their fires could not be seen from afar by raiders. At the heart of the town, half buried, was the core of the fallen star, a blackened and pocked bolder taller than a verbeeg. The town in the crater came to be known, with originality characteristic of the Wound, as Cratertown. Slowly people dragged pieces of the ruins around into the crater and built themselves makeshift homes, and dug ditches and pitched stakes around the rim of the crater to keep away invaders, and traders would come every few months, and the town grew like any in the Wound, built on the terraced sides of the crater, all overlooking the star.

Region: The Wound
Total Population: 688 (resident citizens)
Demographics: 68% Human, 18% Dwarf, 8% Free-Construct, 5% Koalinth, 1% other
Trade: Scavenged good (non-precious metal, precious metal, invader magic), crude metalcraft, spirits.

Then, a little over a decade ago, two individuals came who, between them, would change the fate of Cratertown. First, the bullywug Tode arrived, badly wounded, and was given shelter and care. In return he built the now famous city walls of Crater City. Then, Yolt Dagis came, and with him came trade the like of which no town in the Wound had seen. The wealth and security lead to an explosion in the town's population, and size, until today those wanting to become residents must petition the town's ruling council and prove themselves to be exemplary individuals, and usually offer a substantial gift for the betterment of the town. The vast majority of poor wanderers have been turned away, but a large number of escaped constructs and servators have brought with them goods taken from their masters in Peria valuable enough to be welcomed within the walls. Such is Yolt's value to his elite clientèle in Peria that Crater City's free-construct residents are left un-harassed, despite their status as wanted outlaws.

The city has not distinct districts, and few actual stores, with most people offering their varied services from the front rooms (or in some cases front sections) of their homes. A few drinking dens are scattered around, and all of these boast their own stills, and offer cramped, basic lodgings, the most luxurious of which have a straw mattress and rats (and osquip) well enough fed that they don't nibble on the patrons in the night. Still, this amounts to unattainable luxury to most residents of the Wound. Homes are usually thrown together haphazardly from surviving parts of older buildings, with floors repurposed as walls, ancient and beautiful partitions rudely hacked into ill fitting doors and rooves and occasionally shutters and internal walls of the now rust-pitted sheet metal that was once common to the ruins of the tyrants. Homes that don't have a walkway and another home built partially on top of them are considered affluent indeed, and sewerage and storm water have formed a deep, foetid pool around the fallen star that is drained as often as possible, for fear it will contaminate the town's only three wells. It is a hard, dirty life in Crater City, but as the locals say, it's much better in than out.


The Gate and City Walls:
Kashak's Place:
The Scavvy King's Villa:
The Fallen Star:


Yolt Dagis: The self-styled Scavvy-King keeps a court of rogues, thieves, scroungers, and emissaries in his chosen capitol.
Tode: Defender of Crater City, Tode spends the bulk of his time planning and overseeing the expansion of Cracter City's already excessive fortifications.
The Town Council: Ostensibly the rulers of Crater City, consists of fourteen members, the most prominent of whom are Yolt and Tode (who has attended two council meeting in the eleven years since its founding); aside from these pair, other prominent councillors include Loorina, the venerable Perian lady who can trace her lineage back to the original settlers; Ladarynth, the giant part-golem servator who speaks for the free constructs of the town; Gavin Skab-Grin, the town's foremost wizard and a skilled factor, who keeps many of the old arcane and alchymic engines that keep the town functioning charged; and the crusty derro ranger Garmul, who leads the hunters who go outside the walls to collect food and pelts.
Kashak: Kashak is the proprietor of the largest and roughest public house, Kashak's Place, right at the bottom of the crater, and an unmatched source of gossip about the town and surrounding area.
Morbil: Recently the newly arrived duregar warrior Morbil has caused quite a stir with his purse full of coin and his late night binges at Kashak's Place.
Boonie: Boonie the trader can usually be relied on to give a fair price for anything an enterprising traveller has found, though everyone knows he's in Yolt's pocket.

Adventure Hooks

The Minocao: Though it is a gutted ruin now, the Minocao, visible from Crater City's walls, is still a magnet for scavengers and adventurers. The massive invader fortress, felled in some long-forgotten conflict, has been torn apart over the years. Its gleaming armour and metal struts dragged to the crater to build the city. But even amongst the ruinous carcass of the place lie intact stretches of pitted corridor. And now and then secrets, and their profane guardians, are still uncovered.
Vanishing Traders: Boonie the trader has had several of the traders who regularly make the trip to Bridgetown and back fail to arrive in expected time. Many are notoriously prompt, and others have been sighted heading for the city as close as a couple of days out. Boonie fears the worst, and Crater City needs those traders. But the latest disappearance - a trader specializing in healing items out of Peria - cannot be ignored.
Hidden Mortifactor: Ladarynth of the free-constructs has heard disturbing rumours that a Perian Mortifactor has slipped into the city in disguise. Presumably to re-dull the escaped servators, and return them to slavery. The free constructs would doubtless appreciate aid in uncovering the spy, while the spy (if indeed there is a spy) may well be seeking mercenaries to help bring down the escaped servators.

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