The thief known only as Cael once plied his trade across the greatest cities of Peria. A specialist in procuring spells and magical items on commission through less than legal means, he was forced into the Wound when greed led him to undertake an imprudent assignment for an under-cover nullifier. Now known and wanted he can likely never return to the land of his birth.


Merely of average height and slight build, Cael is lean, quick and sinewy. His features are distinctly leonine, and a mane of fiery orange hair framing his face in a chaotic, unruly tangle only serves to emphasize the impression of felinity. High, sharp cheeks and an angular, clean-shaven jaw frame delicate features, the most striking of which are the almost shaped eyes. Thanks to a curse from a former employer in his youth Cael's eyes a pure pearlescent white and glow with a dim white light when in shadow. Never expected to see again, Cael's sight returned to him, but it has been suggested that were the curse ever removed his eyes may never recover. Even now in zones of antimagic he struggles to see. Cael moves with a surety, confidence and natural grace that few can match, and his elegant, slender hands are never still, making veins and muscles perpetually stand out down his forearms.


Quick-witted, sharp tongued, cunning, sarcastic and hyperactive, those who know Cael know him as a force of constant activity. Though he is often quiet, observing, assessing, and appraising people and situations, when Cael does speak he is often caustic or dismissive. It takes a while to earn a grudging respect from the young man. Rebellious seemingly for the sake of it, and easily bored Cael can be difficult to tolerate, but a certain roguish charm makes people make the effort - at least in the short term. Perpetually thinking, Cael loves puzzles and riddles, and delights in confounding others - especially when he can do so by the simplest means. Perhaps this accounts for his love of conjuring tricks and sleights of hand in a world where magic is commonplace - indeed many people, in expecting the fantastic entirely overlook the banal. A quirk that made Cael so effective as a thief.


At only nineteen years of age Cael's abilities and reputation are impressive. Born in the city of Xuthil, Cael's parents died in a teleportation mishap when he was a mere seven years old, and the boy was left to fend for himself on the streets, with only the most rudimentary of classroom educations. Managing to apprentice himself to a modestly successful Factor, Cael quickly realized that the master was never going to teach him enough that he might challenge his own children for the business, and was merely using him for cheap menial labour. Disgusted he stole a selection of spellbooks and fled. He was sought, but never caught, and he discovered that it had all been remarkably easy. And rewarding.

For the next few years Cael repeated his scheme over and over, the bright young lad had no trouble being apprenticed to unsuspecting mages, and when they invariably proved that they were never going to give him a true apprenticeship Cael would take from them those things that took his fancy and vanish. So mundane was his crime in a nation of magic, that no one, saving for one master early on who placed the curse that even today makes his eyes glow, ever quite managed to track him down. However when Cael eventually came upon a kind and generous master his plans were somewhat ruined. Unable to bring himself to rob the old man, he instead fled the city altogether, moving to Gwahlar by the next rail to contemplate his future.

In Gwahlar however Cael's luck changed. He was spotted in the street by the daughter of one of his previous 'mentors' and she quickly captured the young mage. However the girl, Adrasteia, was ambitious, and instead of simply turning Cael in she had plans for him. Before long he was acquiring magical tomes and object for her from her competitors. Not long after that a select few other wizards in her circle found uses for his services, and before very long at all Cael had made a name for himself as someone who could procure items of unique magical desirability with both a trained eye and a talent for nonmagical stealth. But just as he was really making a career of procurement Adrasteia was caught with stolen goods. To her credit she was good enough not to turn him in, but tight lips are no defence against the Seekers, and Cael took what he could carry and left Peria altogether for Crater City, hoping his crimes were still minor enough that he would not be pursued into the no man's land of the Wound.


Since his hurried exodus from Peria, Cael has lost nearly all of his contacts, and he is certainly of no use to his old clients in the Wound - even if they were willing to risk contacting him. He has petitioned the town council of Crater City for residency, and been unanimously denied, and now he is left with no allies, no home, and only the clothes on his back and the goods in his pack with which to make a new life in the Wound.


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