The small island nation of Bret sits to the west of the mainland of Manus, in the middle of the Bretan Sea off the coast of Alohand. Once a protectorate of the principality of El Paiona, it was untouched when Alohand was born from that land, and gained its independence. Now, largely cut off from the rest of the world, Bret has become a very different place to the rest of the world. Not menaced by the monstrous perversions of the Wound or the threat of Perian conquest, nor lorded over by the Pillars of Zalhoon out of Pashadan, it has been left to develop into an isolated and unique land.

Of the seven islands in the group, only three are substantially inhabited. Small farming communities, with the only major settlements being modest port towns, each of the three islands has its own prince, and each prince keeps a small standing constabulary to maintain the law, and little else. Venedozan merchants sail to Bret to trade, but only rarely, and to most the small land is completely forgotten. Truly Bret is the very essence of the word 'bucolic'.

Government: Alliance of Governors of the seven islands, gathered in the Brettin Parliament.
Predominant Religions: Alohandi way of Zalhoon (loose affiliation only)
Major Industry: Fisheries, farming (wheat, barley, corn, cattle), tea.
Usual Climate: Temperate, mild all year, pleasant.
Predominant Terrains: Rolling hills, verdant vales, sandy beaches.
Predominant Language: Mulhandi.

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