Abdulamad Pasha

Once the reign of Abdulamad Pasha, Tisrah of all Mulhirad, was one of uncompromising belief in right, and a single-minded pursuit of what was right for Mulhirad and its people, whether they liked it or not. But now, some twenty years into his reign, Tisrah Abdulamad has finally been beaten down by the demands of his people, and their outrage at his methods. He has retreated into decadence and shut out his court - letting the Mulhiradi reap the future they so tenaciously demanded.


Despite his advance years the haw featured Pasha remains darkly handsome. Indeed he take great pride in his fine features, his pale skin and his rumbling voice.


Abdulamad began his reign as the tyrannical savior of the people. He knew what was right for his people, and they would benefit from his benevolent and learned guidance whether they knew it was best for them or not. Now, disillusioned by the fickle reticence of those he sought to aid, the Tisrah has ceased to care.


As is the way with all the heirs of the Pasha line, Abdulamad spent his childhood in the cruel and relentless Parched Sea, as a hostage of the mysterious and fearful Haradi nomads.




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